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A Low-key N.Y.E

This year New Years Eve will be a little different in the Ratomski household we've decided to lay low and celebrate in the house. There were a couple of reasons why we decide to stay home one being, not having a nanny, wanting to avoiding the chaos and lastly, I'm an old lady. At home in my PJs is my favorite place to be lol. Although we will be home the we are still celebrating with great food, spirits and great entertainment! So should you. Here is my guide to the ultimate low-key NYE!

Food: Of course every good party has amazing food and drinks. Although we will be home my husband and I wanted to still feel like we are celebrating a special occasion. So... I wanted him to have the night off from cooking. We decided to order in from our favorite restaurant North Italia. Which means all of the best pizza and pasta a girl can handle.

Drinks: Champaign Cocktails will most defiantly be on the menu. My absolute favorite drink is a Moscow Mule (I like my drinks how I like my man, Russian) and I just found the perfect recipe for Champagne Mules that I'm so excited for try. If your not really a mule girl but need some cocktail inspiration no fear, I've got you covered. Head over to Delish a choose the right one of you.

Entertainment: For years it's been a tradition for us to watch the ball drop on NYE. In 2016 we even traveled to New York that we could watch the ball drop in Times Square (I will NEVER do that again). But never the less we will be watching somebodies New Years Eve Special.

Vision Boards: The one thing that I'm most excited for is making my 2020 vision board with my husband. This year my husband and I will be making vision boards individually and one for our family. It's always fun to talk about your goals going into the New Year and a vision board is a great way to see exactly what you are working for. If you're not into scrap booking one of my FAVORITE bloggers made a post about creating a digital vision board. Click this link to check it out if may be right up your alley.

I hope that you have an amazing NYE but an even more amazing 2020. This is your year, whatever you've been dreaming of doing. GET IT DONE SIS!!!! Let nothing stop you from being great. Wishing you much productivity and prosperity in the New Year!



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