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Consistency Challenge Update: My Thank You Letter to Mattie James.

I’ve never been a quitter but I can’t lie the consistency challenge almost took ya girl out and had me ready to quit. As you all know I’ve learned so much about myself, my blogging style and also my lack of preparation durning this challenge.

For my consistency challenge final update I was going to do write more about what I‘ve learned about myself but, instead I decided to write a thank you letter to Mattie.


A couple of weeks ago when you introduced the consistency challenge I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no idea that amount of discipline, skill and sacrifice it took to be a serious blogger and influencer. In just two short weeks I’ve implemented small changes that have made a huge difference in my content. I’ve made blogging a priority and I’ve watched the number of likes, comments and shares increase. I’ve also seen an increase in my followers. And even though I don‘t blog with the sole purpose to gain followers it sure feels good to know that other Mommys can relate and show their support by following along. I‘m not too sure that you’ll even see this post but I did want to thank you. Thank you for being true to yourself, studying your craft and sharing your insight and expertise with the world. Everytime you post you drop gems that I collect to improve my work. You’ve been obident to God and he has honestly used you to change so many lives.

You’ve somehow managed to tackle, motherhood, marriage and entrepreneurship while making it look so damn easy. (still wondering how you do it all)

I know that I have so much work to do and that it takes years to achieve the level of success that you have in this industry but I’m looking forward to. I feel like this challenge has given me a head start and I’m forever grateful.

—Leyann Ratomsk

The Mommy Monologue


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