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Consistency Challenge Update: Why I almost gave up in week two and how I overcame!

Week two of the consistency challenge almost took me out. I have to admit that I was not adequately prepared for what the challenge would bring. I legit thought it was enough to jot down some blog topics and go from there. Sis, take it from me you have to do more then jot down some ideas. Week two was exactly what I needed to whip my ass in shape. This week I was forced to improve my process and really ask myself if I had what it takes to be a really lifestyle blogger.

The first thing I realized that I needed to improve in my process was actually setting time aside to BLOG. I know, mind blowing right? It sounds so silly but it's true. After working all day, then doing things around the house, putting Yury to bed and making dinner by the time I was actually sitting down to blog I was exhausted and drained. I quickly realized that this wouldn't work. I put a scheduled time on my calendar to blog each day in the morning and I've seen a huge increase in productivity.

Finding my voice as a blogger has been pretty easy for me but, I have struggled in the past to identify what I want to talk about. For anyone who is having this issue my advice would be blog about topics that you are passionate about. Obviously, The Mommy Monologue is a mom and lifestyle blog. That allows me to cover a wide array of topics. Whenever I feel like I'm running out of topics I ask my followers what they are interested in. Don't ever been afraid to survey your audience. You'll find 9 times out of 10 they will be very honest which helps you to develop your content.

Saving your blog post to a seperate place will help you so much. This week I had accident where my blog post was not saved correctly and was totally gone. I was hurt and almost quit the challenge but, instead I took it as a lesson. Don't rely on autosave to do it for you. Not only did this set me back a day but I had to rewrite the entire post. Luckily, I decided that it wasn't worth me giving up and look at me now!

Consistent Posting times are also something that I'm working on. When we first started the challenge I would post at 7:30am. I noticed that the blog post were getting viewed but after looking at my analytics I decided to try another time. I'm still in the discovery phase of this but I do feel like every successful blogger needs to find the right time to post. It's th

e same concept as instagram. Post your blogs when your audience is active so they they will get seen!

Mommy, this life as an influencer, blogger content creator is all trial and error. You'll have to try so many different things before you find what's right for you. Lord knows this was my week of trial and error. Don't give up. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. As Mattie says the short cut your looking for is consistency, and for consistency you have to take the stairs!


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