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The Consistency Challenge: Mattie made me do it!

When I read that Mattie James was hosting a consistency challenge for bloggers I instantly told myself "You have to do it". See, God has been telling me for a while now that I need to show more attention to my blog. As Mattie would say it's the only piece of internet property that I own.

What is the consistency challenge? As I mentioned it's a challenge that Mattie is hosting for 20 days. Each day I'm required to produce a new blog post. The object is to encourage consistency. The winner of the challenge not only gets some amazing content on their blog, but is given $1000. For me winning is not about the money at all. Here is why I joined the challenge.

I joined this challenge for many reasons first, to prove to myself that I can do it. I used the excuse that I'm too busy to write for the blog. I know deep down inside, you make time for what you want. If I can make time to watch TikTok videos (don't judge me) I can make time to blog. Another reason I joined the challenge is to have my content on my OWN platform. My website is my slice of the internet. God forbid social media goes down. I want to still be able to reach my audience and share all of my mom life shenanigans with you! The last reason for me joining the challenge is to expand my audience. I feel like I have so much to say on so many topics.

In the next 20 days I hope to produce some great blog posts that keep you all entertained, grow my following and so show you mommy(s) that having it all is NOT always having it all together. Stay tuned and cheers to consistency!


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