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The hardest decision ever: kiddos going back to school or nah?

Back to school is right around the corner and COVID has many parents wondering what they will do. Making the decision to send your child back or to homeschool is a tough one. Yury isn't of school age yet so right now that's not something that we have to think about. However, I do want to offer some support to the Mommys (and daddies) who do.

Let me start by saying every parent is concerned for the safety of their children and the others around them. Whatever decision you make I support you and im proud of you for making. It takes so much courage to send them to school or keeping them home durning all of this. Not only does it take courage but, it takes lots of help. Help to ensure they kiddos are safe while away from home and help homeschooling the kids while working.

Weigh the pros and cons: Just as you would when making any serious decision take a moment to think how your life would function in either situation.

Don't give into peer pressure: When deciding whether or not your child will be going back don’t let others peer pressure you into your decision. Do what’s best for y’all. Some times social media can be aggressive. If you’r feeling judged just know you made the right decision for your family!

Be over prepared: If you’re about to become a homeschool teacher overnight or if your leaving the teaching to the professionals make sure you prepare, prepare and prepare! Ask all the questions you need to ask, relay on all of the online resources that you need.

Give your kids time to adjust: Just as we all had to adjust to working from home or being home with the kiddos all day. They need time to adjust to their new learning enviroment. Excersice patience

Ultimately you know what’s best for you and your kiddos. Whatever you decide know that you have me in your corner supporting and wish you and the kiddos a healthy and successful school year.

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