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Simple steps to controlling seasonal allergies at home

Last weekend I was down for the count. My allergies started to flare up and I was unable to do anything. I didn't do ANYTHING!!! The worst part about the entire thing is that Baby Yury had started to experience allergies too. It's one thing for me to suffer but when it comes to my baby suffering my heart broke. I knew I had to get both of our allergies under control ASAP. Here are a few things that we did to improve our allergies, and how you can improve your allergies while at home.

Change your linens

Do you know how many dead skin cells we shed each night? Over 12,000,000

Dust mites actually eat those dead skin cells and that's why they THRIVE in your bed and on your linens. (Don't believe me? Google it) Y'all do me a favor and change your linens at least every two weeks. This simple task alone improves your air quality and helps to reduce allergies.

Dust your vents & other surfaces

If your anything like me dusting is the last thing you want to do...EVER. Thank God for husbands, because mine is the King of dusting around our house. This is such a simple task but it's one that's often looked over.

Be sure to get a Swiffer duster with an extender to get those hard-to-reach areas and vents high up. Don't forget all of the other surfaces at your house. I know this can be time-consuming and also may trigger your allergies. But make sure all of your surfaces are dusted on a weekly basis. It cuts down on nasty debris laying around and helps you to breathe better.

Replace your air filters

Let's be honest, how often do you replace your air filters at home? We change ours out every 60 days. I know it seems obsessive, but I highly recommended it. My husband actually found these "Smart Filters" by Filtrete that can send you an alert when they need to be changed. You can also see the amount of dust and allergens in the air and view their recommendations on how to keep the air clean. We've been using these for 3 years or so and I swear by them. They really help with the air quality in our house and eliminates a lot of nasty things that may be lurking in the air and helps to keep allergies low.

Use Air Purifiers

When it comes to sanitizing the air that you breathe on a daily basis I recommend air purifiers. Yes, air purifiers can be expensive but they are well worth the money. Depending on the purifier that you choose you may be able to score one on a good deal. In our home, we use the Molekule Air purifying systems. The "Air" is perfect for the common spaces like our living room and kitchen while the "Air Minis" are in the bedrooms. There are several reasons why we choose Molekule for our home but, the most important was that it is FDA-cleared to destroy viruses and bacteria. That was a major selling point for me. Once we started using them I could tell a difference immediately. We keep them running pretty much all day long and to make sure the air is consistently purified. If you can invest in an air purifier do it! You'll thank me later.

Doing all of these things helped to naturally clear up our allergies in about 2 days.

Of course, all of the things on this list are suggestions. If you choose to try any of them let me know how they work out for you!


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