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Beating Burnout: Ways to renew & reset your mind, body & soul during quarantine.

Burnout is real y’all. Especially durning this pandemic. With everyone being in the house all day It’s so easy to feel fatigued, anxious and even overwhelmed. If you’ve noticed a change in your sleeping patterns, eating habits or energy levels chances are you could be burned out. Here are a couple of ways that I combated burnout and got my mind, body and soul rejuvenated.

Take a mental health day: Seriously, this is so simple yet so many people struggle with it. Allow yourself some time to rest without working, social media or even television. On average we take in over 100,000 pieces of data each day. That's a mixture of photos, news articles, status updates, work emails, etc. Our brains and bodies deserve to rest. Choose whatever day works best for you, turn off anything with a screen and watch the anxiety slowly began to lessen.

Get some fresh air: My mom used to always say that I need some “Fresh Air” and honestly I never knew just how valuable fresh air was until I got older. Taking a moment during the day to step outside and soaking up the sun not only gives you your daily dose of vitamin D but also helps your body to reset. While you’re out there go for a brief walk or jog.

Get your endorphins up and burn off some steam. This is a guaranteed way to feel better. It's scientifically proven that endorphins provide a hormone that makes your feel better.

Give yourself some grace: I’m not sure where my need to get every task accomplished in one day comes from but it’s an unhealthy one. Giving myself grace has been a game changer. I felt like I’ve lifted the pressures of doing it all off of my shoulders. Sis, it’s ok to have your task list run over to the next day. Do what you can and keep it moving. Remember, Rome wasn't built in one day!

Schedule: Before the pandemic I didn't have much of a schedule. We were just winging it over here which caused a lot of chaos and confusion. Once we were quarantined that confusion continued. I realized that our house needed more structure to operate like a well oiled machine. Putting a schedule in place with the structure that we needed. Additionally the scheduled helped me to reduce the anxiety around entertaining Yury while working from home.

We all know the importance of mental health which is why beating burnout properly is so vital. I hope that these methods help you as much as they helped me. As usual if you have any additional suggestions feel free to comment. I'd love to hear them!


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