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Living Room Refresh: Inspiration for my bohemian style living room.

Quarantine has completely inspired me to refresh some things around the house, starting with the living room. I’m a firm believer that your home should be your sanctuary, a personal oasis and I’m so excited to create my dream oasis. For a while I wasn’t really sure what my style was. I’ve discovered that my favorite style is Modern Bohemian. As of lately I’ve noticed myself being drawing to bright neutral colors. If you can’t really tell that’s totally what I’m going for. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from Pinterest of course but my ultimate Home decor inspo Is from Ann Mae Groves. Her home literally speaks to my soul. If you don’t follow her on Instagram you should!

The first step in my living room refresh was getting rid of our old dark leather couch. Thanks to Facebook Marketplace we sold the couch on Saturday and replaced it with a sleek and simple new one in a neutral color. This made the world of difference. Now the space has a bright and airy look with warm cozy vibes.

Next on the list is a new rug, some wicker baskets to hold throws, more plants and a couple of leather pillows! Anything else I’m missing?

I told myself that I wouldn’t break that bank with this refresh. I estimated that spend around $3,000 which I’m almost at budget so I need to slow down or sell more unused this on FB market place.

I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Stay tuned to see the final result. I’m one step closer to having the living room of my Pinterest board dreams in real life!


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