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Playtime Problems? Ideas to keep your kiddos entertained during the day.

Working for home has been great but I’ve struggled to keep Yury entertained durning the day. It seems like the only time I can actually get work done is when he’s watching Netflix or playing on the iPad. I swore that I wouldn’t be a technology mom and yet, here we are. This week my husband and I vowed to do better at keeping him entertained without television or technology .For us that looks like scheduling our meetings around one another so one parent is free while the other works. Here are some ways that we keep the little ones entertained during the day while mommy and daddy work.

Outside Play: It’s hot as hell here in TX but Yury always wants to go outside and to be honest nothing beats playing outside. If you'r blessed enough to have a backyard let the kids go outside. This summer introduce them to old fashion water ballon fights, homemade slip & slides or splash pads. These are all great ways to keep them busy and cooled down. If your child is smaller and requires more supervision you could try to move your work station closer so that you can keep an eye out. If your townhome living like us playing outside is a little more difficult. I wish I could let Yury just go outback but we plan trips to the pool in between meetings and at lunch time.

In door Scavenger hunt: I found this idea on Pinterest and fell in love. Although this may take some time to plan before hand, scavenger hunts are always a hit with the kids. Not only does it allow them to use critical thinking and problem solving skills but it promotes team work! If you really want to be fancy, take the hunt outside to discover some amazing things around your neighborhood.

Arts and Crafts: This has been a hit in our house. I had No idea my son was so artistic. It’s amazing what I can get done when I give Yury some markers and drawing paper. Art isn't limited to markers and paper. If you have time or older children to help out, make tie die teeshirts. They seem to be really in style right now plus they are fun for everyone. Get those creative juices flowing and let the kids have a blast. Side note: I'm not one of those parents who display my child's artwork around the house so if anyone wants a Yury original let me know. We have tons to give away lol.

The struggle is real when trying to keep the kiddos entertained without watching hours of T.V. hopefully

some of these ideas can help you out. I'd love to hear more add to the conversation. Leave a comment with your suggestions so that we can help other mommy(s) out!


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