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The bright side of screen time- the best learning apps for toddlers

A couple of weeks ago I shared with y’all how challenging it was to limit baby Yurys screen time during the day.

Even though Yury is on the iPad a lot during the day I make sure to download as many educational apps as possible. Thank Goodness that I did because

recently I’ve noticed such an improvement in his speech and cognitive skills. Watching his vocabulary grow has been the best part.

Yury’s favorite app of all time is 22 Learning Games For Toddlers- He started off with the free version but once I noticed how much he enjoyed it we paid for the full app. This app helped him to learn the alphabet. He identifies letters, words and he even is reading. If your little one could use some help with the ABCs I highly recommend this app. It’s totally worth the money.

Having a bilingual child is all fun and games until you can’t understand what they are saying lol. That’s the main reason we downloaded the First Words: Russian For Kids app. This app allows both baby Yury and I to learn Russian together all while improving memory and cognitive skills. If you would like to incorporate another language in your child’s vocabulary start with this learning app. They have several different languages to choose from. As usual the paid version Allows you to learn from more categories with many more activities.

If you want an app that teaches your child a mixture of numbers, letters, memory and other skills ABC Mouse is the app for you. I LOVE how much information Yury gains from ABC Mouse. Not only does it keep his attention but he has learned so much.

For numbers and sequence 123 Toddler Games has proven to be successful. we just downloaded a couple of days ago so we have purchased the full version yet. But, so far Yury seems to like it. He hasn’t counted past 5 so I’ll keep an eye out to see how much he improves while on the app. stay tuned!

Virtual learning has come full circle in our house. Although these apps are amazing I don’t recommend that you solely rely on them to help your child learn and If you do, that’s your business (Tabatha Brown voice). These apps are great tools to help sharpen your kiddo’s brain. What are some apps that your toddlers love? Drop more suggestions below.

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